Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Military life, Author life, Mom life (part one)

Military Life

Hello everyone!

     It's been a while, and I wanted to start filling you guys in on what's been going on. I know I've posted a couple times before, explaining a little of what's been going on, but things have changed since then. So, grab a drink or a snack, and settle in for a bit of reading. This is part one of three.

     First off, as some of you may know, my husband had to have surgery a while back. In April we traveled from Guam to Hawaii so my husband could have spinal surgery. He's had back problems for years, and it eventually got to the point where this was the last option to try to fix it. Before we left for the surgery, we had already received an assignment. We were set to move to New Mexico in July, but because of the surgery, and the need for him to recover, he was put on medical hold.

     Left in limbo, we assumed once he had a few months to heal, be seen by the doctor again, we'd have an answer as to what would happen next. Now, things get real complicated, and it would be hard to fully explain, so I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. Basically, after appointments being pushed back, doctor's being changed, then changed again, and lots of waiting, he's seen and told he'd be recommended to retrain into another career field. (The one he's in now isn't the best one for his back) The doctor basically said it would go to the board, and they'd either say yes or no. But if the answer is no, then they'll try to kick him out.

      Ahhhh!!! What?! Yeah, that's not good, so we were really concerned. Correction. ARE really concerned. Anyway, what happened was he received a call saying that instead of just a yes or no answer, they were going to start a full MEB. (Medical Evaluation Board) Meaning, they go over his records and decide if they want to keep him in or not. A lot more goes into this, but to sum up, they're sending him to the states next month for a series of appointments at the VA to see what he'd be capable of receiving if he gets out.

      More things will happen after he gets back in the hope of him being able to stay in. If they say no, there are appeals and more trips in his future, and us being here in the meantime. It's been extremely stressful! This is our future. I wish I could say we made enough money in book sales to not need the military, but that's definitely not the case. We need the military. We wouldn't know where or how to start over without it.

      We're still in the middle of this with no idea what's going to happen or when we'll find out. None of us want to be on this island any longer, but we're stuck here until we get an answer on his future in the military. All we can do is hope everything turns out for the best. It's been an extremely tough year. Lots of stress and uncertainty. If he's able to stay in, whether in his current job or a new one, our assignment will likely change, but at this point, we're just hoping he can stay in. I'll deal with wherever we have to live as long as he's able to keep his career.

      I feel like this isn't even half of it. There's so much that's been going on, and currently going on, and it's been hard to deal with. Hopefully we'll receive some good news by the end of it all.

     Anyway, I'll attach a few pictures from Hawaii, because even though we were there for a serious reason, we still had time to go out and explore. I won't post hospital pictures. I'll leave that to him to talk about. :)

Excuse the crazy hair. I was in the process of going blonde, and also it had just rained, so it was frizzy and crazy. 

At one of the most amazing malls ever!! Ala Moana

North Shore


The views!!

A rainbow in the rainbow state

I truly fell in love with Hawaii while we were there.

Anyway, stay tuned for part two, where I talk about what's been going on with my writing, books, and all that good stuff. 

Isabel Lucero


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