Thursday, October 26, 2017

Military life, Author life, Mom life (part three)

Mom Life

            And finally part three. If you missed parts one and two, you can find them HERE and HERE.
      Go ahead and catch up, then come back here to finish. :)

            So with all that other stuff out of the way, I figured I'd go ahead and blog about, well, mom life. As some of you may know, I have two kids. They're absolutely amazing! I mean, I may be a little biased, but hey, whatever. Haha. Really though, I'm incredibly lucky. I couldn't ask for better kids. They're polite and well-behaved. (Mostly, I mean, one is a rambunctious ten year old boy, and one is a teenage girl, so we have our moments) ;)

           Anyway, when I was pregnant with my son, I got super huge and uncomfortable. He was a big baby and always in my ribcage. I was like, well, I'm for sure done after this. Haha. Me and my husband were both young when we had him. I was twenty-one, and already done creating my family. My daughter was four months from turning three at the time, and we had one of each, and it was truly perfect. I always wanted to experience raising a boy and a girl, and I got what I wanted! So, we never planned on having anymore. We were always adamant about being done. We would get asked all the time if we wanted more, and our answer was always swift. "NO." The older the kids got, the less likely it was going to happen. We didn't want to start over with diapers and 3am feedings, and all that. Haha.

           There was a time two or three years back when I was watching old home movies of my kids and got super emotional about how small they used to be and got a bit of baby fever. Haha. When people say "They grow up fast." They aren't joking! It's crazy. I feel like they stay toddlers for two weeks and then it's gone! Where are my babies?!

          The baby fever passed...for a while. Haha. In about June of this year, I was watching home videos again. We found a whole bunch of them and started going through them like crazy. It was a surprisingly emotional time for both of us. Our babies were growing up. Where did the time go?!

          To sum up, I had the fever again...bad. I spoke to my husband about it, and he was kind of like, "Meh," but the reaction was a little weaker than the one he had years back. I felt like maybe he had a bit of the fever, too! Wishful thinking, perhaps. Haha. It took a few days of watching videos and me asking if he was sure he didn't want to have another. On the third day, I asked what I knew would probably be my final time. If he said no, I would understand and move on, but to my surprise, he said yes!! I was like, "really?" and he said yes again! My kids were already on board. My daughter has been wanting another sibling for years, so she was definitely rooting for another baby.

           On September 5th--my husband's birthday--we found out we were pregnant. Eeek!! I took the test by myself, already about 50% sure that I was pregnant, and when it came up positive, I tucked it into my purse and made a plan. We had plans to spend the weekend at one of the resorts here, and he was going to be opening his presents there. After he opened them all up, I nonchalantly reached into my purse and was like, "Oh yeah, I forgot about this one." It was wrapped in a plastic bag and put into a bubbled envelope. Nobody would've guessed what it was. He pulled out the bag and it came undone and fell into his lap. The look on his face was priceless! My kids were surprised as well. It was an amazing moment, and I caught it all on video! I'm so happy to have that.

            It wasn't until October 25th when I announced it to people on my personal, non-author Facebook page. I wanted to wait until I had been to the doctor and had an ultrasound. I needed to be sure everything was okay. And right now, everything is perfect. I am twelve weeks, and the baby has a strong heartbeat. I'm beyond happy! We all are.

            It's been so long since I've been pregnant, and I'm quite a bit older now, so I don't know if it's because of that or what, but man, I am feeling every single symptom of this pregnancy. The nausea, the heartburn, the headaches, and random aches and pains. The sleepiness! The insane, vivid dreams. I have it all. Haha.

           The only downside, if you can call it that, is that because of what I mentioned in part one, about my husband's future in the military, the thought of having a baby in the midst of all this is quite scary. It makes it even more important for my husband to be able to stay in. It makes the possibility of moving either super far along into the pregnancy or with a newborn, quite the task. But most of all, the uncertainty of whether he stays in or not is still stressful, and we'll need every bit of comfort the military offers. We all know the added expense of another baby, and it would be nice to know we'll have steady income coming in, with medical taken care of, and a home to live in without worry. So, here's to hoping everything works out!

            Below is what we used to announce the pregnancy. One of the very first pictures of our little baby. I will be sure to keep you all updated as things progress.