Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Military life, Author life, Mom life (part two)

Author Life

     Hello again!

            I'm back with part two, and this one will focus on all things books, writing, etc. If you missed part one, you can find it here -> Part One <- and catch up before reading this one.

           So, yes, with all the stress going on about the uncertainty of our future and my husband's career and injury, you can imagine it's been tough to really focus on anything else. Now, that doesn't mean I wasn't writing. I was. I've started and stopped three books. Three books!! Ugh. I just kind of got stuck somewhere in there for a while, and didn't feel like writing anything at all. Then I started back up with a story titled Seductress.

          You may remember me talking about this book a while back. It was going to be part of a series that I wrote with my husband. He'd be writing for the male main character, and I, the female. Then together, we'd write the third book. As awesome as that sounds, and as excited as I was for the story, it just didn't end up being as fun as I thought it would be. I'm not saying I don't love the storyline. I do. I still think it's a great story, however, it turns out I'm a bit more of a control freak than I thought. Haha. It's hard to not have control over a character. I love the Solomon King character, but my husband is writing for him, so when I'd be writing my story in the POV of Reina, it would be hard to channel the way I thought Solomon would be or what he'd say, when perhaps my husband was thinking something different. I had to constantly stop and ask, "Would he say this? Would he do this? What do you want him wearing? What would he think about this?"

          At times, we'd both be in our own groove, writing away, but then we'd have to go back and look at a scene, and rewrite what we had already written just to fit the other person's idea. We'd both love what we'd already wrote, and it's hard to get rid of something you love because it wasn't part of the other person's plan. I just gotta say...I really give a lot of props to those writing duos, because I don't know how they do it! Haha.

         Anyway, besides that, I started to feel like Reina on her own wasn't needed. While her story was well and good, Solomon is the star of the show. (You'll see once you read Madman) And he most definitely deserves all the glory. He's an amazing character, and I know my husband is doing an amazing job on his story. However, I felt like once you read Madman, you wouldn't really need to read Reina's story. While different, it's not extremely needed. You'll be filled in in Solomon's story, and I didn't want you all to feel like it was a waste of a story, or a waste of your money. What you'll really want to read is Madman, and then the story that comes after that. Also, OMG! Wait until you see the cover!! Ahhh!!!!

          I hope this is all making sense. I promise it does in my head. Haha. Anyway, so after struggling with continuing with the story, I told my husband how I felt and we decided to just go ahead and let him rearrange his story as needed to put more of Reina in there, and to let mine go. So, no, we won't be writing this series together. (Side note: If anyone is a Goodreads Librarian, please feel free to get rid of Seductress. They won't allow me to do it.) Anywhoo, perhaps another time, with another story, we'll be able to write together, but this one wasn't it.

         After giving up on that one, I had to try to plot and plan another story. I had already started one a while back that was originally going to be a novella about a summer romance, but I wasn't really feeling it anymore. So, I kept thinking and thinking, and went back to all my notes where I jot down random ideas. I found that I had written a rough draft of a blurb to a story I didn't have a title for, but I knew I loved the sound of the story. I started that one, and I'm not sure how far I got into, but it was a pretty good amount. But then...doubt kicked in. What is it with doubt? What a little bit*h!

          So, yeah, I started thinking, "Do I really want this to be the story everybody reads once I finally come back from this super long break I've had? Can I sell this? How can I market this? Will people think it's just a mediocre story?" Blah. I know we all have self-doubt, but man, this really just brought my excitement down. You see, it wasn't going to be a fluffy romance story, nor a smutty story. It was going to be a somewhat suspenseful, mysterious story, but it would, of course, have some sort of romance in it. It just started to remind me of some of my previous books. Think Again, WAR, Darkness Within.

          I LOVE those stories. Maybe that's weird to say, because I wrote them, but I truly love those stories. They're a bit different than your traditional romance stuff. Think Again deals with cheating, and I know that's taboo, and not many people love it. WAR has a female lead who's a badass, and the romance in that is minimal. Darkness Within is about a man who's had a hard life and became a bit of a psycho, and it doesn't have a traditional ending. I knew those would be a bit harder to sell, but man, I loved them! My writing has only gotten better since the Escort Series, and though those remain the books that have sold the most, I keep hoping people will take a chance on the new stuff...the better stuff.

          But I didn't want to spend all this time away, and pour my heart and soul into another book that I truly didn't feel would reach a lot of people. While writing for myself and writing what I love is what I've always believed in, I can't deny that it stings a little when the book goes widely unnoticed, and I know that it's mostly because of me. I need to write something that catches people's attention. I need to work harder at being seen. Spend more money on ads or blog tours. Any and everything I can do to be out there more, I need to do, but I want to do it with a story I think a lot of people will enjoy. And I think I've found a story that people will enjoy reading, and I'll enjoy writing.

          I'm not saying this next story will be something every single person will love, but I do have high hopes. I'm not going to say much about it just now. I'm still in the beginning stages of yet another story, but this time I truly believe my readers will be excited about this. At least, I hope so. :)

         Let's hope writer's block doesn't come bite me in the ass again. Let's hope motivation doesn't leave me, and let's hope self-doubt stays far away!

         Until next time, my friends! Part three will be up soon. And perhaps I'll continue this blogging journey. It's not so bad. I like getting everything out. I'll be able to keep y'all updated as I write, and just random goings on in my life...if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. ;)



  1. You know I’ll read ANYTHING you write. I love your books and I wish more people knew about you.

    1. Thank you so much, Lindsay! I appreciate that! Lots of love!